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IT Consulting

IT Consulting

A fine edge to your technological needs

Consulting Services

CBM Consulting builds creative solutions for modern businesses. According to industry best practices and specialized software expertise, CBM consultants help you assess your current infrastructure, create your enterprise computing strategy, and deploy new technology. CBM Consulting helps you face today's most complex technology challenges.

  • Interview relevant Department personnel to understand business objectives and technical needs
  • Inventory of all applications and hardware throughout municipality
  • Assessment of back-up systems for effective risk management.
  • Research and application of best practices knowledge to maximize the benefits availed by technology today and future.
  • Custom tailored Solutions.
  • System Integration,Software Architecture & Design
  • Handling Outsourced Software

CBM Consultancy may cover

  • Organization structure development
  • Company processes defining
  • Technical support of different areas
  • Functions analysis
  • Procedures development.
  • Business requirements determining

These consultancy activities are conducted under the umbrella of best practices and standards.

CBM Consultancy Functions

  • Perform function analysis of customer system
  • Develop the customer system documents (Procedure Manual, User Manual)
  • Participate in IT solutions
  • Develop training material & workshop scenario
  • Conduct training for customer trainees and Support projects implementation
  • Perform customer after-sale support for functions improvement and complaints resolving

CBM Methodology

The consultancy department follows this methodology through the development of an IT project

  • Develop the company current business baseline document.
  • Develop the company future process model
  • Participate in mapping business requirements
  • Participate in Software application acceptance test

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